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Sep 23
“Pop is about saying ‘Fuck Me’ – Rock is about saying ‘Fuck you’.” Chrissie Hynde (via camewiththeframe)

May 2



I was recently reminded how much I still enjoy this endlessly zooming video from 1968, “Powers of Ten”:

You’ve got to watch the video for the narration and the kickin’ soundtrack. For a modern, interactive take, check out “The Scale of the Universe" by Cary Huang. Get some perspective!

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Apr 28




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Edgar Martins photographs the European Space Agency

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Feb 15


Magical Contamination is a visual archive of the magic of mold. 

( Swiss Miss  Mrs. Easton)

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Feb 7


Taira no Kiyomori’s Spectral Vision (1845), Hiroshige

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Jan 19



Jan 5


Zgzislaw Beksinski, Eight Untitled Collages, (1955-1960)

 I wish to work in such a manner as if I were depicting dreams”.

-Zgzislaw Beksinski

 In 1955, shortly after studying architecture in Krakov, Beksinski returned to Sanok, a small city located on the bank of the river San, where he spent several years as a construction site supervisor, a job that he hated. At that time, feeling as though his architecture career had failed him, he became increasingly interested in photography and photomontage.

 Above are eight of Beksinski’s early photo-collages that served as “storyboards” for what he described as dreams. The themes of landscape, death, sexuality, war, architecture and identity (or the lack thereof), were themes that he carried throughout his career as both a photographer and a painter.

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Nov 11

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